Can you really make a living playing video games?


Love gaming?


What if I told you it was more than possible to make a living PLAYING video games. And I’m not talking about developing video games or the highly competitive and taxing world of professional gaming.


Nope, you see, as I’m sure you know 1000’s of games are released every year.


These games must be extensively beta tested before hitting the market. But because so many games are released (And because games are so complex these days) the big studios are now outsourcing this vital job.


And now you can also become one of these beta testers


The people who do this receive the latest games for nothing. They also get new game consoles, controllers and accessories. Plus exclusive gift vouchers and merchandise.


What more, these beta testers are often invited to special events like game conferences, launches and exhibits such as E3. Not only that, the games studios also need to perform market research.


They need to know gamers think, so that they can design the latest hit game. Which means you can ALSO earn big money for taking paid surveys, and participating in focus groups.


But how much could you make as a video game tester?


According to gaming jobs online you could easily get over $40,000 a year playing games in the comfort of your home.


Remember, the gaming industry is now bigger than the movie and music industries. They have VERY deep pockets and are able to pay you top dollar for your hard work…meaning this could be a highly lucrative career.


Getting started is easy.


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It’s really that simple.


This is the perfect job if you love playing games. Never again will you have to put up with a boss or waking up early for work, or even follow a set schedule.


100’s of people are already doing this and earning more money than they would at a normal job.


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